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rogue_dolls's Journal

5 June
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I am a very outspoken person and I get annoyed easily. I am quite straight-forward and I don't like to play with words. I am not the type of person to play nicely with somebody that I dislike. I don't talk that much if I don't know you, maybe because I'm shy but once I get to know you, I just won't shut up. Yeah! So, I don't like to wait or keep people waiting for me and I also don't like to repeat things twice. I like learning new stuffs. I dunno but I am pretty much a curious person! I get curious easily with my surrounding. I know that there is a saying stating 'curiosity kills a cat' but lets just hope that my curiosity won't take its toll and kill me one day! Hehe! So, yeah, I think that learning is fun! I'm learning new stuff too right now.Basically, I don't really know myself yet. My friends describe me as 'unpredictable'. I always let people analyze me but I don't really care about what people say about me because in the end, it doesn't matter. People's perceptions. What matters is what you think about yourself. ^_^ If you wanna know me better, why don't we talk and maybe you get to know me even better and probably we will end up understanding each other.. ^^